Skilled Nursing

Nursing homes, professionally called Skilled Nursing Care centers provide 24-hour nursing care, with extended medical and rehabilitative services for seniors with complex medical conditions. We offer a range of rehabilitative therapies available to both nursing-care residents and other members of the community. Our services are centered around your lifestyle. We dedicate ourselves to provide you peace of mind and an atmosphere that delivers comfort, security, and quality of life.

Skilled Nursing Care centers provide 24-hour staffing and other comprehensive services to those requiring a greater level of care than that offered by assisted living facilities. All Skilled Nursing Care centers require the professional skills of a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). With 24-hour nursing care and many of the comforts of home, Skilled Nursing Care centers balance quality care and quality of life. These centers promote autonomy and choice, and offer a variety of services, social activities, and recreational opportunities. Residents are encouraged to continue social activities and personal interests. Services can be grouped into three general care categories: medical, nursing and rehabilitative, and personal.

Medical Care
Medical care in a Skilled Nursing Care center may be one-to-one (attending physician) or one-to-many (medical director). These physicians oversee medications, examinations and treatments. They work with staff, residents, and families to develop care plans.

Nursing and Rehabilitative Care
Nursing services include assessment, treatments, injections, and administration of medications. Rehabilitative care services might include post-hospital stroke, heart or orthopedic care, or various types of therapy, including respiratory, physical, occupational, or speech therapy.

Personal Care
Personal care offers assistance with “activities of daily living.” These daily tasks can include assistance with getting out of bed, bathing, using the toilet, dressing, walking, or eating.

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are often the primary personal care provider for these activities of daily living and assist the residents, each with dignity and compassion. CNA’s have a desire to help people and because of the nature of their role, they have the opportunity to personally get to know the residents they are privileged to care for.