Better Skilled Nursing & Rehab


Skilled Nursing/Long-Term Care

Nursing homes, professionally called Skilled Nursing Care centers provide 24-hour nursing care, with extended medical and rehabilitative services for seniors with complex medical conditions. We offer a range of rehabilitative therapies available to both nursing-care residents and other members of the community. Our services are centered around your lifestyle. We dedicate ourselves to provide you peace of mind and an atmosphere that delivers comfort, security, and quality of life.

Short-Term Rehab/Sub-Acute Care

Designed specifically for “patient-centered” care, our short-term rehabilitation facility provides an extensive range of rehabilitative services and 24-hour skilled nursing care. After a stay in the hospital patients may only require short-term rehabilitation or short-term skilled nursing care. The goal is to return home or to a residential care environment. We are dedicated to providing a “culture of rehabilitation” for patients to maximize improvement of health and wellness.